It all started after reading Don norman’s a design of everyday things, I was now less oblivious regarding my environment than before. This led me to notice the products and things around me and the inquisitiveness for it’s design.

Looking at every object, questions started to arrive such as:
Why was it designed in such a way?
Why was this specific material used?
What are the prospective defects or ways that irritate a user?

Following the quote “Good designs are often harder to notice”, I took it as a challenge for myself and started noticing on the go.

One fine day, I was eating my sandwich and pouring some ketchup in my plate. Yes, that is my thing. I just glanced at the ketchup bottle which was plastic. Suddenly, I remembered the bottle used to be of glass.

I gave a little sprain to my brain and started thinking why was there such kind of a manufacturing change.
This led to certain thoughts and I ended up with my assumptions such as:

When a bottle is supposed to end, utilizing the ketchup at the end of the glass bottle would be painful comparing to a plastic one.

The fact that a plastic bottle can be squeezed easily makes it more lucrative in terms of utilization. On the other hand, a glass bottle would require a lot of shakes for the ketchup to come out.




Another is the case of a soap.
Have you ever noticed a soap?
It is round or oval in shape and of a certain width.
Have you ever wondered why aren’t they rectangle or any other shape?

According to me, it is mainly because of the grip that the palm gets while holding an oval or round soap as compared to a rectangle one.

Isn’t it surprising but simple?

Yes, I know , I am pro and the case has been solved. Thank you.