ProtienYou  is an application concept which is based on a meat, seafood and daily groceries delivery application where a user can order the required food item with the help of few clicks, sitting at home or wherever required.


The goals of the system are taken as :

• Minimizing the effort of personally going and buying food items from the market

• A fast application for instant satisfaction

• No frustration points and user friendly

• Suitable for any age group, especially old people (English and Hindi)

Story Board

Every problem has a backstory to it which in the end aims to find possible solutions.
Similarly, I created a story board keeping these things in mind :

• People involved

• Environment

• Task being accomplished

• Should tell setting to satisfaction

User flow

There would be two types of users :

• An existing user would simply login the application and take a look at the menu, place the order and complete the satisfaction

• A new user will have to sign up for a profile and then further take a look at the menu, place the order and complete the satisfaction

The Process

I always like to start the process with some rough sketches and rough prototypes on a iPhone paper in the start.

Below are the sketches. that I prepared for the application

Low fidelity wireframes

After the sketches, I prepared some low fidelity wireframes. While giving some thought to the brain, some of the factors considered in the initial phase were then redeveloped to form a better wireframe.

High fidelity wireframes

After the wireframes, I started protyping these wireframes adding colors and images to get the feel of the application. Again, after brainstorming, some of the features were abruptly added and some were exclude. This completes the iterative process.

A video prototype is available on the following link :


• This project was created on Sketch, and protoyped on InVision.

• The font used for the screens was PT Sans.

• The color scheme maintained was red, yellow, orange, and green(logo).

• Every element including the logo was solely developed by me.


I feel I gave my 100% for the project but might not be fulfilled in many aspects. The overall project looks good in a whole
Hence, I am open to any remarks.

Thank You!