Saavn  is an application in India which basically provides music streaming services, allows to make playlists and libraries with an availability of Hollywood, Bollywood and other regional songs.

Research & Goals

The main aim that led re-design of the app was due to some problems that were faced by me.

In the start, I did some research and found there were plenty of people having the same problem.

After giving a thought, I decided to go for the user experience for the application.

In short, the goals were :

• Making the application less clustered as it creates frustration, less ads, adding more negative space.

• Since it is an era of social media, making the application more social friendly and interactive.

• Removing unnecessary icons(3 dots) and replacing it with other icon.

• Removing the radio feature where the songs are played randomly. Instead, I added  a birthday feature where the application uses the birthday to show birthday as well as party songs where here, the user feels special too.

The story

According to the problem I faced and the goals I wanted to achieve, I created a story board keeping these things in mind :

• People involved

• Environment

• Task being accomplished

• Should tell setting to satisfaction

The process

I always like to start the process with some rough sketches and rough prototypes on a iPhone paper in the start.

Below are the some of re-design sketches that I prepared for the application,


After the sketches, I started protoyping by adding colors and images to get the feel of the application. Again, after brainstorming, some of the features were abruptly added and some were exclude. This completes the iterative process.

Since the app is already designed, there were no wireframes developed with some of the prototype screens conforming with the features and goals below :


• This project was created on Adobe XD, which includes the video prototype too.

• The font used for the screens was Futura.

• The color scheme maintained was green and it’s variant.

• Every element was solely developed by me.


I gave my full efforts trying up to live up-to the goals but yet it might be incomplete in an application development perspectives. Every screen isn’t designed and added but the main points are felt to be covered. Rest, I am open to remarks.

Thank You!